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Meet Michelle


Michelle Johnston | Human Design Reader, Business & Life Coach

Nice to meet you. I'm Michelle, a 1/3 Splenic Manifestor. As someone with a 1/3 profile, I'm a lifelong experiential learner who loves to share the sum of her experiences and deep wisdom with others in a way that makes a difference. 

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For me, Human Design is an incredible system that has been making a difference in my life since 2017. It's one of the tools I draw upon when mentoring and supporting individuals and business owners to live an authentically aligned life. I feel fortunate to be able to share my love of Human Design with others in a meaningful way.

Aside from being totally obsessed with Human Design, I'm also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, meditation instructor, and longtime entrepreneur and businesswoman with a passion for mentoring and supporting others. In 2003 I launched a company (WorkingWell) that is still in operation today, which helped pioneer the workplace wellness industry here in Canada where I live.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time at my cottage, being in nature with my husband and our dog, kayaking and trying new recipes in the kitchen!


I look so forward to connecting with you. If you're interested in working with me, please click the button below.

Her instincts are fantastic...

I had heard people talk about Human Design but it wasn’t until I interviewed Michelle for my podcast that I TRULY understood it!  She did such a fantastic job of explaining everything I was looking at and how to use the tools that HD was giving.

I feel like I have a lot more clarity on my decision-making process and I really need that right now.  Her instincts are fantastic for saying exactly what you need to hear to help you move forward.


Karen Rontwoski

Van Nuys

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